Sea Sprite 23
Gemstone, my 1980 Sea Sprite 23 sailboat, on her initial mooring at Ballast Point, St. David's, Bermuda. Perhaps if I hadn't moved her to a mooring in Hamilton Harbour, she may still be intact today.
During the time that I was looking to buy a sailboat, I came across this Sea Sprite 23.  I knew nothing about Sea Sprites and turned to the Internet for answers.  I was surprised to find only a limited amount of information was available, in comparison to other boats.

Once I purchased the boat, I posted these photos and information on the web to assist others who may not be familiar with the boat.

Unfortunately, in November 2001, my boat was destroyed by Hurricane Karen.  I've moved on to other interests but perhaps, one day, I will buy another Sea Sprite!
Sea Sprite 23
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Interior and exterior photos of Gemstone, my Sea Sprite 23
Death of Gemstone

Photos of Gemstone after being destroyed by Hurricane Karen
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